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Become a Mediator

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The training will be held from 11.01.2023. to 15.01.2023.

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About mediation

Mediation is a faster, cheaper, and in many ways more adequate way of resolving disputes than a court process. On the other hand, both court proceedings and mediation at the end of the process have the same legal force, which results in an executive document.

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Basic Mediator Training

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Quality is one of the most controversial terms in the business world. For us, it’s an opportunity to know and implement the needs of every candidate who turns to us for help in the field of primary and further education.

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The roots of the ICEPD are a story itself. Our concept is clear, transparent, and tangible. We are a group of university professors, scientists, and researchers with many years of...
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Schedule a consultation with our team and get more detailed information.

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