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Applications are in progress!

The training will start on November 3, 2021. to 07.11.2021.

What is mediation – Mediation in the peaceful settlement of disputes

Mediation is a faster, affordable, and friendlier way of resolving disputes than a court process. Both court proceedings and mediation at the end of the process have the same legal force in the form of an executive document. In court, when the process is over, the Judge pronounces the JUDGMENT which has the status of an executive document, and in mediation the AGREEMENT is signed by both parties. The mediator also has the status of an executive document, and the agreement MUST be respected.

Basic training for mediators

With the approval of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia no. 740-09-00888 / 2020-22. We organize training for mediators, basic and specialized.

Basic training is organized by the Rulebook on the training program for mediators (Official Gazette of RS No. 146/2014) and is one of the conditions for obtaining a mediator’s license and acquiring the right to register in the Register of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

Basic training is organized every first Wednesday of the month, lasting five days, five hours per day. The training is dynamic, very interactive, and ends only when the lecturers answer all the questions of the trainees.

How to become a licensed mediator of the Republic of Serbia?

The conditions for this very attractive occupation have been given by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia itself. To perform the duties of an intermediary, a person must meet the following conditions:

• To have completed the BASIC TRAINING FOR INTERMEDIARIES that we organize every first Wednesday of the month
• That the person is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia
• That the person has not been sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a criminal offense which makes him unfit to perform mediation activities
• That the person is capable to work
• Have at least a university degree (180 ESPB or more)


After completing the basic training, our center issues a certificate of completed basic training–a copy of which you submit together with other documentation directly to the Ministry of Justice. After processing and checking the documentation, a decision and (hopefully) permission to mediate is issued. A mediator is then recorded in the register of mediators which can be seen on the Ministry of Justice’s website. From the day of entry in the register, one who meets all the conditions for independent work officially becomes a:


The mediation permit that one receives is a public document confirming that the person meets the conditions for mediation as stated by Article 33 of the Law on Mediation in Dispute Resolution.

In addition to obtaining a mediation license, which allows participants to independently perform the work of a mediator (as an additional or permanent job), during the training you will:

• Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for independent and successful performance of mediation business
• Get acquainted with the basic legal framework of mediation in Serbia
• Master communication skills
• Master conflict management skills
• Learn to use the acquired skills in both professional and private environments
• Through theoretical and practical classes you will gain knowledge with which you can independently perform the work of a mediator

Licencirani medijator
Licencirani medijator

Who are the lecturers?

Lecturers are the main reason why students choose us. All our lecturers are licensed mediators accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Their biographies in “Our team” section. In each training, we always have a surprise: a guest lecturer who comes from a different industry and is close to mediation, justice, or companies that conduct mediation daily. The combination of theory and practice makes our training different, interesting, and practical in real life.

Upon successful completion of the training, each participant receives a Certificate of Completion of the Mediator training.

medijator obuka
Mediator training – certificate of a licensed mediator, mediator
kako postati medijator
How to become a mediator?

Training price

Participants in the basic mediator’s training pay a registration fee of 30,000 dinars and can divide the payment into three monthly installments without any administrative restrictions. Call us and inquire about the discount for students or “In-house training!”. The price of specialized training is 20,000 dinars. Participants receive a manual and complete documentation necessary for the independent management of the mediation process.

What sets us apart is precisely our attitude towards the participants. Namely, our socializing begins with getting to know each other at training and continues with lasting acquaintanceships and even friendships. Every first of the month we exchange experiences, talk about mediation, and hang out like true companions. Each of our participants receive FREE and complete assistance in conducting their first mediation, support from our legal team, and even an office space to conduct their first mediation in six cities across Serbia. All our participants have the opportunity to join the Chamber of Mediators of Serbia with up to a 50% discount and many other benefits.

Apply now via the following link.

Applications are in progress! Apply and become a licensed mediator

The training lasts from 06.11.2022.

Online obuka za Medijatora (Licencirani medijator)