The Education Clinic was created as part of the “Ask the Professor” and “” projects. The beginning was difficult, as usual, because it was necessary to combine several things into one, so somehow the name Education Clinic was the first working name of the current “INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT LLC”.


Why a clinic?

Pa kao i svaka druga klinika i naša klinika funkcioniše na isti način. Razlog je poznat, državni sistem je u jednom trenutku posustao, zatajio i zaglavio se kao auto u velikom blatu i već godinama nikako da izadje iz njega. U Autu su nažalost ostali zaglavljeni i profesori, ali i djaci i edukacija zajedno sa njima. Privatni sektor prepoznao je priliku i p

Well, like any other clinic, our clinic functions in the same way. The reason is known, at one point the state system gave up, failed, and got stuck like a car in a big mud and has not been able to get out of it for years. Unfortunately, professors remained stuck in the car, as well as students and education together with them. The private sector recognized the opportunity and offered new modern equipment, picked up the best doctors, professors, scientists, and implemented them in the 22nd century that is just around the corner. Is the fight fair? it could be debated for days, but compare yourself -going to public and private clinics, hospitals and judge for yourself what you prefer.

Our clinic deals with education. We recognized the huge gap in education at all levels and decided to fill it  in with knowledge. You guessed it, education is treated in our clinic. We successfully treat acute illnesses that have attacked him from purchased diplomas, exams passed on headphones, rewritten control tasks, and similar manipulations that have led to you having a paper worth nothing unless you are doing jobs that only require such papers. There are such jobs and some people are very successful in them, but they are not the subject of this story, because we treat them in special wards.

How to make up for 4 or more years in a short period is a question they constantly ask us and what kind of wizards are we when we give a 100% guarantee. Yes, you read that right, we guarantee our work because we have gathered the best so that you can be the best. You, yes, you are the key, and if you come to our clinic, you have to listen to us as if we  cure  addictions.


That’s right, you buy knowledge from us and pay dearly for it if you don’t want to make an effort and warm up your chair well. We don’t cheat on cards, because we play  our cards very well, there are no excuses, draws, unfinished homework, and cheating in every sense of the word.

In the beginning, they tried to deceive us with various manipulations and we had to think of a way to reach them and we succeeded. The price was that we additionally hired top psychotherapists, doctors of psychology who often ask you to come for an interview with your parents if you are up to 24 years old and if that is possible, of course.

Our methods are modern, tested in almost all countries in the world, and after leaving  our clinics, you come out as new business people, ready for new  victories and business challenges. Today, all serious employers hire internal or external HR services and you are already asked to show noticeable knowledge at the first job interview. The employer no longer asks you what degree you have, but what you know  to do, how much money you can earn, and written proof that you are the right person for the job. What is important to know is that you have very strong cards with our discharge list, and the opportunity to use our name written in the memorandum is an additional signal to the employer that someone before him did a good job and checked you in detail in terms of education, knowledge, and skills which you own, so you are automatically shortlisted. Our discharge list contains your professionally written CV in the colors of the company you are applying at, the targeted skills you possess that we previously struggled to acquire, recognized international certificates in which ,your knowledge of foreign languages, knowledge of office365 packages, letters of recommendation are precisely assessed. the internship you attended with our subcontractors, as well as our letter of recommendation which says that we as a center guarantee that you have passed the entire preparatory training and testing with us, and that it is up to the employer and his HR department to look at those papers and at our request calls to confirm what is written.


The procedure is simple and if you come across the words pitajprofu  (ask a professor) anywhere on the internet, clinic for education, remember us. Three websites lead to us:

To schedule a consultation, simply click HERE.

Yes, that is the first step. Schedule a free consultation and we arrange either for an online consultation or to reach us, whichever is easier for you. In 45 minutes of conversation with you and your parents, if you come with them, we will define our common goal and then we will move towards its realization. If necessary, we will do a magnetic resonance of your previous knowledge, do a couple of internationally recognized personality tests, targeted professional orientation, and get the necessary inputs, so that we have a clear picture of our current position and work in parallel on several fronts. Now you step on the podium. We are now professors who teach you, guide you, encourage you, but it’s all up to you. Our work is only the necessary 20% to achieve the goal, your share is 80%. Hard? Yes, we know, but it is less than going to various faculties for 4 or more years, studying both necessary and unnecessary, failing exams, and getting stressed. Remember, we now have a goal and we are moving towards it. There are various obstacles on the way to the goal, but together we are stronger and there is no giving up once we start. There is no excuse, because anything is possible, and as one of my favorite professors used to say: “Come on, please, they teach that bear in the circus to ride a bike, and you couldn’t learn this?”. Ask the Professor and we will show you the way, but you will have to cross it yourself!

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