Assertive communication of intermediaries – “Say no when needed”

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The training is held after the formation of a group of 10 participants.

Assertive communication of intermediaries – “Say no when needed”

The program of this contemporary and attractive training for mediators will be conducted in two days, a total of 2 × 5 classes of 45 minutes each, and is scored as 10 hours of professional training.

We have recognized this very useful training, which we regularly conduct at our training on a wider scale, as a very applicable one for the mediators who deal with speaking in public, presentation and the role of someone who should lead an independent conversation, dominated by knowledge, rhetoric, competencies and attitude ,for the first time .

Assertive communication is a way of communication that allows us to express our opinions and feelings, and to point out our rights, without violating the rights of our interlocutor. With assertiveness, the mediator adequately expresses what he thinks, feels and what he wants to say, without causing conflicts , which in the mediation process is a crucial tool that every mediator should know how to manage, to keep his viewpoint and the status entrusted to him by the mediation license.

Assertive communication is not significantly known to the general public, so, it is important to know that it implies the defense of one’s legal rights while respecting the rights of others. It is important for the mediator because after completing the training, he will be able to recognize the character of the persons who joined the mediation procedure and will understand the importance of proper respect of the rights of all parties in the mediation procedure.

recite ne kada treba reci ne

Sometimes it is very difficult to say NO, no matter how simple it may sound to others and  no matter how wide is the range of situations in which NO is needed, it still ends with our indulgence, which leads to further problems in communication and often leads to very unpleasant situations.

Today, people are constantly postponing obligations, goals, but also putting emotions in the background, and this training emphasizes the encouragement of immediate action, without delay and excuses. Candidates will learn how to get what they want from the interlocutor, and not to hear what he wants to  show, which is often the case in practice. You will learn how to clearly and transparently express your disagreement when it is certain and necessary, certainly respecting the rights of the other party. Attendees will learn why it is important to say NO when needed, but also to take a clear viewpoint when they are right and say YES when needed.

With a combined theoretical and practical education, participants will master the techniques of assertiveness, significantly develop their communication skills, and be trained for unhindered various types of public appearances, independent conducting of serious meetings, and strengthen their personality and communication skills.

Participants in this training will learn a new approach to problem-solving, learn how to reduce stress, and alleviate negative feelings that are mainly the result of unresolved problems and conflicts. Self-confidence is built, strengthened, and mediators must know how to manage emotions, stress, and problems because the fate of positive dispute resolution in mediation often depends on them, so this training is very important for beginners in conducting mediation.

This specialized training will be conducted by experts in their industries, with many years of experience in working with clients in the clinic for psychotherapy and private practice ,to train participants in assertive communication skills and recognize how strong participants are for independent sessions, and encourage and train them to  overcome prejudices, nervousness and know how to deal with unpleasant situations, and also their interlocutors.

Topics that will be thought in this training are:

  • Communication styles
  • Aggressive communication style, passive communication style, and passive-aggressive assertive communication style
  • Developing communication skills and assertiveness techniques
  • Assertive rights
  • Techniques of sending and receiving criticism and praise
  • Practical exercises, how to say no, without feeling guilty
  • Identifying and overcoming ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that prevent us from behaving assertively
  • Emotion management
  • “Work on oneself”, personal and professional development
  • Reduction of stress, anger, anxiety, nervousness, social timidity and problems of public appearance or ungiuded presentation in front of another person
  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Practical exercises
  • Answers to your questions

 Enrollment conditions:

The training can be attended  by the participants who have a valid mediation permit.

Training price: 20,000 dinars

Applications are in progress!